John – London Bridge

Who is your tour guide, John Smallshaw? If you find out please tell me.

I am at present fifty six years old but I expect like everything else that will change. Alas nothing remains the same for long… except…

Once I was homeless. Actually I have been homeless more than once and slept in some rather odd places. With homelessness comes a whole sackful of additional problems, not for everyone but certainly for me.
Having finally beaten the demons and removed “the monkeys from my back” with the help of some fantastic people from The House of St Barnabas, I can now look forward to a brighter if somewhat older future.
Linking into the Sock Mob and Unseen Tours allows me to express my love for London and all it has to offer and to give a personal insight and perspective on places of interest… Places just off the beaten track… places I know well.
I write poetry about homelessness, addiction and… well just about everything really. Having taken so much from life I think I have come to the stage where my selfishness of the past is being transformed into a social conscience.
Come on the London Bridge tour with me but don’t expect just facts and figures – expect eccentric entertainment.
Go on any of the tours, and I have been on several… and be surprised at just what lies behind the lace curtains of this great city.
Looking forward to meeting you.

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