There are stories about ourselves that people may not know about, stories that have defined us and made us the person we are today.  #MyUnseenStory highlights the fact that we should not be so quick to judge people based only on what we can see, but rather connect with them by giving them the chance to tell us who they’ve been, the choices they’ve made and how they’ve lived their lives.  So why don’t we start with you.  Let us know who you are – what’s your unseen story?

Choose or take a picture that represents an unseen side of you.  It could be a picture of your favourite spot, a treasured item or anything that is meaningful in your life and has shaped you to be who you are today

  • Go to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook
  • Upload your picture with #MyUnseenStory
  • Tag @unseentours and anyone who you think may have a story to tell – let’s get people sharing!
  • Win an assortment of prizes that will get you sharing and listening to stories: Choose from an Unseen Tour of your choice for 2 people, moleskin journals, book vouchers, supper club dinner party and more!  Each month we will select one worthy photo for say thank you for sharing your story!