David – Tour guide

“I have lived in London all of my life”

Some words about me

My name is David. I have lived in London all of my life. I have worked mainly in Industrial work, factories and warehouses.

Back in 2003 my Landlord and Landlady of the house that I was sharing with three other people wanted to terminate our tenancies at the end of the year. Now I was due to go on holiday with some friends and my friends said ” Find yourself somewhere to live before we go on holiday, as it won’t be long left after we come back. ” So I did that and went on holiday thinking everything was sorted out.

When I got back to work they said that they were relocating from Enfield to Rainham in Essex and if I still wanted my job I would need to relocate with them. This meant that I couldn’t move into the new place that I had found and I only had two weeks to find somewhere in the new area. I didn’t manage it. Fortunately one of my friends let me have his room for two weeks whilst a friend of his was on holiday. Two weeks later I managed to find somewhere to live in the new area. I lived there for nine months until I became unwell and needed to go into hospital. Whilst I was in hospital my new Landlady terminated my tenancy. I spent six weeks in hospital and a further six weeks in a homeless hostel before being given a one bedroom flat, which I still have, eleven years ago.

Spoken languages

Fluent English


I enjoy writing and performing poetry and lyrics and using social media. I also enjoy attending church and church events.

London Bridge Tour

Join me on my fascinating tour following the artery of the Thames from this famous landmark, along South Bank and veering off into Borough’s more mysterious alleys that also contain powerful symbols of the outcast and social justice. Along the route, you will see the world’s greatest food market, Southwark Cathedral, the infamous Clink prison and a secret archaeological dig before ending up at one of the city’s oldest pubs.

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