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“I fell in love with London”

Some words about me

Hi, I’m Nic and 21 years ago I came to London and fell in love immediately.

I was born in Yorkshire and moved to Lancashire when I was 2. I found myself to be a ‘just get on with it’ kind of child. Growing up I became socially anxious and found it difficult to attend social occasions, especially with friends and relatives.

At some point I began to feel being me wasn’t enough and that I should be what I imagined others wanted or expected me to be. This disguise crumbled as I came to live in London 21 years ago and fell in love with what London was and the city it was becoming. However, I found myself in hostels and supported housing until 8 years ago.

With help and support, I moved into a flat and 6 month later attended a non-residential rehabilitation centre. Believing it was ok being me, I began to be a part of life rather than apart from it.

I completed a Conservation Skills course, City History courses and generally searched for anything I found fascinating, not because I felt I should do it, but because I wanted to. And so began the task of ‘finding myself’. I’m now also involved with environmental conservation, archaeology, urban exploring, and work as a warden at a graveyard for outcasts.

The London anonymity is there but so is community spirit.
Remember to always look up.

Spoken languages

Fluent English

Soho Tour

Join me on my fascinating tour uncovering the real life stories of Soho’ians through history, the good, the bad and the unspoken. I’ll take you around the streets of Soho following the lives of many courageous women and outlandish men, we’ll pass under the Pillars of Hercules into the heart of Soho where there are many tales to tell. We’ll find one of the Seven Noses of Soho and pass by the famous French House pub. You’ll uncover the mask that Soho has provided its residents and visitors since the 17th century.

Soho Tour – Behind The Masks

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    Posted by Laura| February 21, 2019 |Reply

    Nic, I was on your unseen tour a few weeks ago. Thank you for such an amazing and extremely thorough tour. I moved to London last year and don’t know much about the city’s history yet, your wealth of knowledge and personal stories brought the streets of Soho to life for me. Thank you!

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